Some information about our company.


SMAAK Headquarter

The early 20th century mansion creates the warm and familiar surroundings that make SMAAK such a special place to work. There is no doubt this is our second home, nestled next to Pfalz, between the rivers Rhine and Neckar and very close to France, Mannheim shares beautiful views of ancient vineyard landscapes and thousands colours of nature. These are the surroundings in which SMAAK cans are imagined, created and brought to life.

The Philosopy

We believe the simple, everyday moments in life can be the most memorable and cherished. „Our 100% German production“ is the warranty of the good quality of our products.

With less time in a complex world, we aim to help “slow down time” – enriching and giving more meaning to each of these small moments shared. Each of every SMAAK is based on this philosophy, and how we create them is by taking this philosophy to heart. As we say: “SMAAK is not only there to drink, but it helps you to cherish the moments of your life with friends“.

The Developing Process

The seed of each of SMAAK, their designs and tastes comes from a unique team of four people. Each line begins with going through the fruit field farms, carefully choosing the very best fruits that fit the quality of the next production. The designs of the cans are developed, modified and given new colour ways to reflect the modern and enthuastic mood of SMAAK founders and designers.

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